Virtual Fitting

Prefer trying something on? Try our brand new Premium Virtual Fitting service available from Jan 2022.

Do you know? Ill-fitted boots is the primary cause for most pre-mature boot failures. To avoid this, make sure you are sized either in-person or virtually by the SkatersEdge team. Boot issues caused by incorrectly fitted skates will not receive manufacturer warranty. It's also important to know that the correct boot size will ensure maximum performance, the blade/frames needs to sit under a certain area of the Skaters' feet to make skating elements easier to learn. It is not recommended to go for very large sizes for growing children. We will allow room for growth by default and the Skates will generally last a growing Skater for at least 1.5 - 2 years.


Do I need to try the skates on for sizing?

Skates shopping is different from convensional shoe shopping. The size and fit you get will depend on your foot length overall shape, the size suggestion is absolute, not relative. It's good if you can try it on, but it won't affect your size.

The modern figure skating boots will mold to your foot shape, not the other way around. Once you submit the remote fitting request, we will check your foot shape and suggest a boot brand, size and any custom adjustments required.

How do you make sure it's the right size for me?

We cross check a lot of things to eliminate errors, that's why the more information you can provide us the more accurate the recommendation will be. As long as you follow our remote fitting instructions it will be correct. If the size is proven to be wrong, we do have one free size exchange offer.

Do you have wide/super wide/narrow fit in stock?

We can make most special fitments in house. Meaning most of the time you don't need to wait for the special fit to be produced by the manufacturer. We also offer lifetime boot service - you can take the skates back to us for extra adjustments anytime.

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