Book with SkatersEdge on Jul 25, 2021

If you can not come in before 5pm, please call 022 428 0064 to make a special booking.

Call us on 022 428 0064 to make a booking on Sunday :)


Where exactly are you?

We are based in Westgate. You will receive our full address once you submit a booking.

What are your opening hours?

We can normally see you anytime from 9am-7pm and most times over the weekend. Our Shop is open by appointment so we do not have set opening hours. This is so that we can give you flexibility and be available for you when you are free. Please note Google Maps will tell you we are open during those hours, there are no options for us to choose for open by appointment.

Do you have all Skates in stock?

We have all sizes of lower to intermediate level Skates in stock. We keep most sizes of the higher level models. All Skates, Blades and Plates can be purchased off the shelf.

I need wide boots, do I have to wait for you to bring stock in from overseas?

We will widen skates while you are here. All of our Skates are moldable and we are pretty good at that, check out our reviews :)

Read our reviews!